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For Anyone Interested in the Wildlife of the U.K.

Jan 10, I have never seen a Ladybug called a Ladybird. I have purchased these when the aphids get so dense that I breath them in when I stand outside.

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We lived in a street of terraced houses, surrounded by similar streets — a perfectly pleasant environment in many ways…. In it I talk a little about the…. This site is dedicated to Ladybird Books. It's full of information for fans and collectors alike. If you've got any questions, feel free to contact me! Ladybird Books. I loved them as a child and began collecting them for my own child as I appreciated what wonderful books they were; collecting turned into a hobby and then, sort of, took over.

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Art and Artists. Explore the work of Ladybird artists, managers and writers. Join the Ladybird Facebook Group. Information for Collectors. Chat with other Ladybird fans around the world. An archive of everything of interest to fellow collectors.

How high can ladybirds fly?

As well as Lily and Olive, there is an array of minor characters, who impinge on the plot. Unfortunately, some are of a type that we can all recognise too well. The ambitious and repulsive Frank is far more dangerous than he first appears and Nurse Jean, one of his acolytes, is just as devious. These characters are very well drawn and come to life on the page through clever use of dialogue.

The dramatic style of the writing is one of the strengths of the novel. It would be easy to see it converted into a play or a film.

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