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The Right (And Wrong) Way To Do A Juice Fast Or Cleanse

In fact, if you break your juice fast the wrong way, you can undo some of the healing work that has taken place during the fast AND you can trigger some adverse reactions. First, it is important to remember that your goal is not to pick up where you left off by eating your old favorites.

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Your new eating habits will be easier to maintain since your body is already programmed and is craving raw fruits and veggies post-fast. The 3 stages to breaking your juice fast are important:.

Hello, Sunshine. Welcome to my juicy kingdom!

Eat foods from the top 20 detox foods list to promote detoxification on a daily basis. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Sign Up.

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    Breaking Fast Safely And Responsibly

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      What to Expect on The Paleo Diet. Getting Started With the Mediterranean Diet. Panchakarma, the Ayurvedic Cleansing Method. When one is undertaking life transformation three things are important to ensure success.


      How To Break Your Fast Safely

      Changing how you eat or ridding yourself of addictions are life changes. Life changes require logistical issues be addressed in such a way for the changes to work. For example; if you are committing to a living foods lifestyle you must have your kitchen outfitted to prepare the foods. How are you going to handle getting the fresh food you need? How are you going to handle holidays with the family?

      Breaking the Juice Fast

      Work exigencies? Cleaning your living environment of the old habits is also important. Get rid of the old foods and condiments you used to make them. Give away your paraphernalia you used to take the drugs. Once you have prepared yourself for your future life it is time to pay close attention to your body to tell you when you have finished your "internal house-cleaning".

      Opare's next blog will outline the signs your body will give you that it is time to break the fast.

      How To Break A Juice Fast

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