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Materials preserve the traces of their origin and become gems of culture. The perpetuation from natural state, to the future setting, unfolds meanings through methods, tradition, rituals of construction, and city particularities. The signification of its spatial construction in the period of new materialism came to embrace those conditions which attain an antithetic role in physical representation. The intangible values of space presented often in the exaltation of materials, where unfolded matter transferred and transfigured, builds a new sensibility and draw forms and limits of time.

On the resulted superimposition, the collision of an urge of abstraction and the evocative remains define the intervals and the representation of multiplicity of time. By analyzing the contemporary constructive solutions that still advocate timeless presence and solidity through structure and material compatibility, is intended to understand the role of materials in the relationships represented by parts of urban structure, the longevity and inexhaustibility, the incompleteness of determined building and their interchangeability.

References Bettini S.

Gramsci 53, , Rome, Italy antonio. Keywords: formative process, plastic architecture, organism, reinforced concrete, constructive collaboration. This paper focuses on the origins of reinforced concrete architecture, just a little time before the reinforced concrete invention, that could be identified through the application of the typological reading method. And it is precisely in this point that these reflections here presented intend to insert: two materials that have been, on closer inspection, always organically collaborating, at different levels.

The Roman opus caementicium, on the other hand, proposes a perfect constructive fusion of several materials that manifests itself in the great spatial quality achieved. The reinforced masonry, in which the relationship between the finite number of the stone elements and the unifying tendency of the elastic wooden cage reach a high level of experimentation.

L'impero dei viceré

References Adam, J. Materiali e tecniche Longanesi, Milano. Caleca, L. Camporeale, A.

ISUFitaly Bari | Book of Abstracts by U+D urbanform and design - Issuu

Fallacara, G. Research, design and fabrication Preses des Ponts, Paris. Galdieri, E.


Galassi, S. Strappa, G. Il mondo plastico murario in divenire FrancoAngeli, Milano. This is an aim very difficult to achieve because the concrete has not a well-defined identity but many facets. This implies that the designer has to prefigure the process of construction and the building site before proposing a shape of the building. It is a sort of structural design that deals with the art to mold the material in elements, organism and systems that have an expressive sense. The analysis starts from two structural categories horizontal beampillars system on one-way or two-ways to which corresponds a specific spatial character about the construction of the concrete shelter.

Hence, one investigates the morphological evolution of the essential shelter from a domestic scale to the urban scale.

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Through a comparative analysis, the paper identifies these two case studies, focusing on the technical, figurative, spatial and urban features. References Doimo M. Mies, Bacardi Building Cuba. Canova press, Treviso Fanelli G. Laterza Press, Bari Frampton K. Skira Press, Milan Giedion S. Hoepli press, Milan Landsberger M. The project questions the relationship between architecture and nature and in particular between existing buildings on the campus and naturalistic conditions on the border.

The project reflects and creates new solutions for a contemporary building expressly designed for health and educational and didactics for health professions.

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The construction technology offers new innovative applications for traditional materials, in particular the building is completely covered with granite panels reinforced with glass fiber thin doublecurved to have no solution of continuity to the external building envelope. References Bosch, Sheila J. Accessed: 11 October Fallacara, Giuseppe. Second International Congress on Construction History. Stone skin — Hyper-light double-layered granite skin with fiber reinforcement. The proposed paper focuses on the individuation of a possible methodology of reading historical architecture in the ancient city of Naples.

enter site This approach tend to define a new tool for the contemporary project starting from a deeper knowledge of the body of the ancient city. The object of our study is the Neapolitan Palazzo. From the comprehension of this particular phenomenon, we tried to define a general rule that could provide a broader overview on the dense and complex centre of Naples, which represents a privileged place to understand how historical architecture still has a deep influence on todays urban conditions. Its deeply stratified tissue, structured on the ancient greek-roman grid, keep being a witness of the everchanging uses, habits and behaviour of the people who live those spaces.

The Neapolitan Palazzo usually a compact building with a central court that grafts itself in the urban system condenses spatial qualities that are emblematical of our contemporary condition, such as resilience, self-organization and informal adaptation; a clear example of their capability to outlast centuries and keep being adequate for human life.

Our study based on a new phenomenological approach aims at the recomposition of different data collected during several in situ surveys of a series of Palazzi, observing their atmospheric qualities. The research method consists of three main steps: the photographic reconstruction, the architectural redraw and the critical schematization through physical models.

L'impero dei viceré

References Savarese, L. Trione, V. Pallasmaa, J. Campo Baeza, A. Eberle, D. Beigel F. The architecture of the defensive works against risks as a reinforcement of the identity characters of the landscape and the cities Nicola Davide Selvaggio1. To regiment a course of water or to contain a soil through a defensive work means to construct a form of free space. References Birch E. Lawrence J.

Navarra M. Gramsci 53, , Rome, Italy roberta. Geographically distant, accumulated by deep social problems and intimately connected by common roots: both cultures have penetrated over centuries and are still closely linked largest population of native Africans lives in Brazil, as well Brazilians in Nigeria. The progressive urbanization opens questions: how to respect involvement of existing local spontaneous settlements marginal, emergency in the bigger picture of contemporary project, moving through categories such as innovation-globalization and conservationenhancement of local identities?

Through analysis of compositional matrices and relationship between inhabited center and context, the crosssectional Afro-Brazilian reading aims to underline elements that are useful for a strategical approach to contemporary design, underling natural and artificial mediation possibility. References De Boeck, F. M, Leicester. Albrecht, B. Jauregui J. Drummond D.

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