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Subject: The effects of the economic crisis on young people's educational, social and professional conduct.

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Subject: Money laundering scheme in the Balkan region. Subject: More than Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike against the violations of human rights and of basic democratic principles by Turkey.


Subject: Dealing with the environmental consequences of the Sea Diamond shipwreck. Subject: Turkey's ambitions regarding Cyprus and the EU. Subject: CO 2 emissions. Subject: Principle of equivalence at all levels of taxation on fuels. Subject: Microcredit and access to credit for VAT payers. Subject: Deposit return system for plastic bottles. Subject: Discrimination against the overs in Belgian public transport. Subject: Greek state bonds and protection of Italian small investors.

Subject: Social problems and illnesses associated with gambling. Subject: The treatment and care of people with autism. Subject: ArcelorMittal and measures to develop European industry. Subject: Woman dies after ingesting sweetener Sorbitol. Subject: The role of regional and local authorities in the European integration agenda. Subject: Ways to use Community resources to restore and maintain buildings of high cultural value. Subject: The EU should intervene to protect the Constitution and the secularism of the state in Turkey.

Subject: School reform in Turkey: a pro-Islamic move. Subject: Amendment to the proposal for a regulation on verification and accreditation of verifiers of greenhouse gas emission reports II. Subject: Amendment to the proposal for a regulation on verification and accreditation of verifiers of greenhouse gas emission reports IV.

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Subject: Working time arrangements for members of the voluntary fire service and other volunteers. Subject: A question regarding the shipbuilding sector. Subject: Evergreen agriculture in African countries.

Subject: Accessibility of public sector websites. Subject: Use of rubber bullets by European police. Subject: Interinstitutional Group on Information. Subject: The negative consequences of the unregulated expansion of flexible modes of employment in the form of increasing poverty and threats to the viability of insurance systems. Subject: Ticket prices for the unemployed on public transport in Greece. Subject: Portability of an individual's credit history throughout the EU. Subject: Research and the integration of existing knowledge. Subject: Cross-disciplinary multi-scale research.

Subject: Appendicitis: antibiotics instead of surgery. Subject: Potential funding for a work placement project in Taranto. Subject: System for protecting crops from parasitic insects. Subject: Availability of direct funding for the association representing the people of Mola around the world. Subject: The common agricultural policy and feedback. Subject: Suicides linked to the financial crisis in the last three months. Subject: Programmes for direct funds, city of Chieti. Subject: Direct funding programmes — city of Teramo.

Subject: Accessibility of semi public sector websites for people with disabilities.

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Subject: Checks on the use of EU funds in the Calabria region. Subject: Monitoring the management of EU regional funding. Subject: Use of rubber bullets in police charges. Subject: Protection of the rights of the Turkish minority in western Thrace Greece.

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Subject: Macro-financial assistance to third countries — application procedure. Subject: Macro-financial assistance to third countries — speeding-up process. Subject: Macro-financial assistance to third countries — legal basis. Subject: Pollution of the Uhabia river in Bidart and competitive water directives.

Subject: Auditing and accountability — pre-accession funding forTurkey. Subject: Overseas countries and territories, outermost regions and the Commission. What Klaus Regling says confirms the findings of many economists and research institutes, who assert that German and European taxpayers have not been burdened in any way by the economic support packages provided to Greece; on the contrary, they have benefited both from the interest they charge Greece on account of the support packages, the decrease in the cost of borrowing, and the positive effect on exports from a lower euro exchange rate.


Given that remarks such as those of Klaus Regling shed even more light on the truth of the matter and discredit the dangerous nationalistic and populist ideological constructs, will the Commission say:. Does it share the views expressed by Klaus Regling, not to mention other economists and researchers that German taxpayers have not lost anything so far from the economic aid packages to Greece, but rather they have even benefited from them?

The loans of the first adjustment programme were granted at moderate interest rates, between 2. Therefore the Commission does not consider that the other EAMS get any substantial financial benefit from their loans to Greece as the Honourable Member hints in the preamble of his question. The interest of the loans is intended to ensure coverage of funding costs of the participant countries, including compensation for those who face higher funding costs. In any case, the loans to Greece have been granted by the EAMS with the aim of contributing to the financial stability of the euro area, and in a spirit of EU solidarity, and not as a means of obtaining any direct financial benefit.

De Duitse minister van Binnenlandse Zaken Hans-Peter Friedrich wil meer mogelijkheden voor grenscontroles tussen EU-landen; hij wil aanzienlijke aanpassingen van het Schengenverdrag voor vrij verkeer. Als landen als Griekenland hun controle aan de grenzen verzaken, moeten andere landen volgens hem tijdelijk weer kunnen controleren. De PVV is het hier volledig mee eens. Voor wanneer staat dit onderwerp, tijdelijke herinvoering van grenscontrole aan de binnengrenzen, op de agenda van de Raad?

The German Minister of the Interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich, wants more options for border controls between EU countries; he wants significant adjustments to the Schengen Agreement for free movement. If countries such as Greece neglect their border control then, according to him, other countries must be able to reinstate controls temporarily.

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The PVV agrees completely with this concept. He would have a substantial pension arising from this time, paid for by European citizens. He should no longer receive his sizeable pension from the Commission. These rules should also be enforced retroactively. The Commission is aware of the media reports concerning former Member of the Commission Padraig Flynn who left the Commission in and is informed of the findings of the Mahon Tribunal. Its understanding of the Irish judiciary proceedings is that the findings of the Mahon Tribunal have been referred to the Criminal Assets Bureau and do not represent the verdict of a court.

In this time of recession, there are many economic benefits to a revitalisation of the Irish sugar industry. There are many people who believe that Ireland suffered from the ending of Irish sugar manufacturing. The recent report of the European Court of Auditors, which highlighted the inaccurate data used to justify the closure, only confirms such beliefs. The EU already cannot meet internal demand for sugar from its own resources, and as a result of the closure Ireland is totally reliant on imported sugar.

The closure of the Carlow sugar plant was a terrible blow not only to the workers but to the entire region. There is now a private group of business people who are very interested in rebuilding a sugar manufacturing industry in Ireland. The current version of the Rural Development Programme for Ireland does not include measures that could provide for support to the Irish sugar Industry.

Similarly, the current European Regional Development programmes operating in 1 the Southern and Eastern and 2 the Border, Midland and Western regions of Ireland provide no possibility for funding of such support measures. Oggetto: Possibile concessione di visti d'ingresso nell'Unione europea ai cittadini turchi.