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Yes, it is a great thing to speak out against discrimination of others based on their gender, race or sexual orientation, and anyone who disagrees with me on that can, quite frankly, piss off. But when it comes to a point where people are forced to censor every second word they say, we have a bit of a problem. Furthermore, what is politically correct is becoming ambiguous and full of double standards.

Moreover, is any joke that uses the word completely off-limits to people not of Mediterranean heritage?

I'm sick and tired of political correctness

The same argument could be made about any group. While being atheist myself, I come from a Jewish background, I consider it part of my identity and I have been offended by anti-Semitic comments before. All of our employees, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential. We have reviewed our partners privacy policies to ensure that they comply with similar policies in order to ensure your data security.

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Too many Americans have lost their way, and their moral compass is spinning. American men are being turned into pussies. Effeminized men are discouraged from acting like men. It is bad to refer to yourself as a man if you are an adult male. You are supposed to refer to yourself as a person. You are no longer supposed to say sex or gender. If you are not a transsexual you are referred to as cis-gendered.

Men are villianified. There is something wrong with traditional male values, and heterosexuality. I have heard terms like heteronormative- that to promote heterosexuality, love between a man and woman, and procreation of the species is inherently wrong and narrow minded. To call someone homophobic because they find homosexual behavior revolting is to label them as hateful or fearful of homosexuals.

This term prevents dissension and argument by making a broad sweeping generalization and assumption. I prefer to drive a Toyota. I would not consider owning another type of vehicle. That is my preference.


A Rant about Political Correctness

That does not mean I hate or fear other cars. Basically these are men who do not embrace stereotypical male characteristics of competition, dominance and strength, or projecting authority confidence and courage. They are weak mentally and physically, whiny, sniveling, and entitled. They have no motivation, initiative or ambition; they wear pink and other pastel colors, and skinny jeans. The ideal traditional male values include finding humor in that which is crude and graphic, acting decisive, forceful, assertive, confrontational, competitive, insistent, and strong, but protective of the weak, and compassionate toward all.


When the left talks about toxic masculinity, they are referring to the very worst male behaviors. There is another word for this. These bad behaviors are found in both genders and all races. Some people hurt others, in whatever way they can, with a casual indifference, or sadistic pleasure. Most people grow up, grow out of these behaviors, learn to treat people better, and feel a good amount of shame and remorse when they recall their past behaviors. What about toxic femininity? There is such a thing.

In my town I saw an ad for a discussion on toxic whiteness. Imagine the outrage if there had been a discussion on toxic blackness. Bad behavior is human and transcends race and gender. Male privilege is another catchphrase.

I am all for it. Where do I go to get mine? How do I sign up for this? I am not trying to be the victim or feel sorry for myself but I do not feel too privileged. Life is hard; life is a struggle at times. It is not easy making an honest living. I am in debt with student loans, and I have to work very hard every day to maintain my life; there are so many obstacles and barriers to success.

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I am much more predisposed to heart disease than women, and have a shorter lifespan, and there is fucking hair growing everywhere on me except my head. So if there is a place where I can get my Male Privilege, some government office where I need to fill out some forms, please tell me. Male privilege is a real thing, but not the way the hand wringing whiners on the left say. It is a privilege to be a man, and I am proud to be a man. There is also Female privilege. If you are a man or a woman, embrace it and all of the advantages it entails. Delight in who you are.

If you feel confused about who you are there is psychotherapy find a good psychotherapist who listens, not a social justice warrior with an agenda to push and medication that can be used before things are taken to an extreme. The epidemic proportions of transgenderism is a psychosocial trend which many youth, trying to find their identity, are embracing.

It is sick. Gender re-assignment surgery aka mutilation is also irreversible. Choose carefully. Those who have gender dysphoric disorder suffer terribly. The answer is not to dress in the clothing of the opposite sex. The answer is not to have yourself surgically mutilated. The answer is psychotherapy, medication, and working on acceptance of oneself. Here is a little thing which drives me crazy.

​A Canadian University Professor Is Under Fire For Rant on Political Correctness

Creamy aftershaves. Oh no, it stings and burns my sensitive face. I want something creamy that will soothe and moisturize my face. How can you not get behind an aftershave with a name like that? It is disgusting what men have become, and it is not over yet. Men, act like men.

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Eat bacon and a steak, wrap the steak in bacon and serve it with ketchup. Drink black coffee. Go to the gym, and do bench presses, squats, and deadlifts.