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The Five Love Languages. You can look it up online, get his book, or go to the website. The five love languages, or the five ways people want love, according to Chapman are these:. Those are some wonderful ways to define what love means.

It turns out that what love means to me is not the same as what love means to my wife Jane. For me, receiving small gifts makes me happy — it gives me a sense that I am loved and cared for. And, of equal importance, is my desire to experience quality time. But it turns out she would much rather have acts of service and words of affirmation. Now, we know what each other wants, so we can give it to each other. I want you to think about how these concepts apply to yourself. Of those five, which are the ones you want?

Stephen King and the Sixth Love Language

Instead he faithfully, consistently paid the bills. As a quick review they are…. This had such helpful results that I decided to become fluent in the love languages of the people in my life—friends, family, even the dog physical touch and bacon, obviously. Then recently my friend Jennifer Watson asserted that there are actually six love languages.

In other words, we all have something unique to us that makes us feel loved. Why does this matter? Because when someone understands your sixth love language it communicates in a deep way, I get you. Then take a moment to ask someone else in your life those questions today too. Hint: Share this on Facebook and you can get a lot of answers in a little bit of time.

Yes, sometimes love is complicated. Want to go deeper into the love languages? You can find it on KLRC or your favorite podcast app.

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  • There's a SIXTH love language. What's yours? - Holley Gerth.

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Start here. Laughter would be my sixth love language! He says, he loves to hear me laugh and I love that he loves that! My oldest son also laughs so easily and I love to see tears of laughter roll down his cheeks! Thank you for sharing about a sixth love language, pretty interesting!

The Five Love Languages

My sixth love language is humour!!! I felt loved when they shared their jokes! I get tickled pink whenever I make anyone laugh! Also own a collection of Charlie Chaplin memorabilia that I bought from an actor who played a clown on the I love Lycy Show. He was broke and sold his collections at an indoor swap meet. Your wife has just been one upped and your expression of love has been degraded because somebody else got something she views as better. They end the conversation.

The result is both expressions of love from both husbands have been psychologically degraded. The amount of love tank filling that happens is directly tied to the approval and response she gets from her Facebook network.


If your spouses friends generally approve, bonus points for you, but if you get one upped by someone on there or somebody she respects calls you a cheap ass that can afford something better or something more original, then you lose points. A lot of people display a certain level of approval seeking behavior. With communication and media happening instantly between large networks of friends your significant other will get instantaneous feedback. You are being judged by that community, therefore, you are dating all of that community if your significant others primary love language is The Approval of Others.

Anything said that relates to normal relationships, other relationships, or what others do or have for each other are words spoken directly from someone that needs the The Approval of Others to justify their relationship, and therefore, validate what is actually going to fill their love tank. Hopefully acknowledging this 6th language will help you understand your relationship and why the other 5 love languages may not seem to be having any effect at all.

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An ego based, socially acceptable, way of expressing love, but very much its own language.