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The Blood of a Dragon

Lerner, Lawrence Watt-Evans. Mind Candy Lawrence Watt-Evans. Howard, John Betancourt, E.

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The system had worked well enough for hundreds of years, and the people in general considered themselves better governed than neighbors with a more conventional aristocracy - but things are starting to change: the economy is in trouble, there is more and more discontent, in the cities people gather and listen to speeches, some of which might be seditious This is the world into which the protagonist, a young man Anrel Murau, has grown up.

His background is a bit unusual.

In this society. While such ability is mostly hereditary, a child of commoners found to have a magical ability is taken into the aristocracy and might attain the highest positions, while a magically-deficient child of magical parents - which is unusual but does sometimes happen - is restricted to more humble positions.

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Anrel Murau is an example of the latter kind. His wizard parents were killed when a spell they worked went wrong. Deeply traumatized by being so orphaned, he thoroughly detests magic and is happy to be declared a non-magical person and live out his life as a simple clerk. However, when a powerful sorcerer kills Murau's best friend and engages in black magic and human sacrifice, Murau is drawn into a dangerous confrontation, and discovers himself to be an unmatched master in a new kind of magic - that of the orator stirring up the masses. Soon he is caught up in a series of escalating revolutionary events, with increasing popular discontent leading to the title's Fall of the Sorcerers - but a revolution can turn out to be very dangerous also to those who stirred it up.

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From the outset, it is evident that all this is in fact a fantasy analogue of the French Revolution. The Carlisle Hsing books are hard-boiled detective mysteries set in a future interstellar civilization dominated by immensely powerful corporations, with the elites being of clearly East Asian - and specifically, Japanese - origin. Nightside City - hometown of the tough female private detective protagonist - is a city devoted to casinos and gambling, which had been shrouded in perpetual night to the inhabitants' content, but is now doomed as the slow rotation of the planet would within a few decades bring it into the Dayside, into the devastating glare and deadly radiation of the nearby sun, making human life there impossible.

For inhabitants of Nightside City, "Sunrise" means an impending apocalypse which they must try to escape. But while the city still lives, Carlisle Hsing must earn an uncertain living in a constant fight with crooks, con-men, corrupt business executives and computer programs whose cunning is equal - sometimes superior - to that of humans.

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